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A New Rally Begins: Racket Club Collection

We’re super excited to launch our SS24 Racket Club campaign. Within the intersection between sport and fashion, Racket Club, pays homage to our storied heritage and decades of sporting excellence. Once again making our mark as the ultimate aspirational sportswear choice for a fresh generation of racket enthusiasts.

At the heart of Racket Club lies Italian sprezzatura—a concept that encapsulates its essence. It’s a captivating allure, a fusion of style, spirit, and unshakably effortless confidence. Here, belonging is an art, and grace is never forced. There’s no pretension or a need to impress.

Racket Club is a community, a gathering of all those who live for the court lifestyle. Whether it’s tennis, padel, pickleball, squash, or badminton, this is where performance and fashion find each other. And even if you don’t have a racket, you can still join the club.


Dropping this spring, Racket Club is set to make its debut with our Court Aesthetic collection, a bold interpretation of our heritage in tailored sportswear. Drawing inspiration from our rich tennis legacy, this collection follows in the footsteps of the iconic Sartoria archival collection from AW23.

For men, expect relaxed, oversized pieces inspired by tennis, including the polo, sports jacket, and tracksuit. Women’s styles reimagine key sports heritage items such as jackets and tennis dresses. Silhouettes are evolving, with track pants taking on a looser, flared look, and skirts and dresses becoming shorter and more fitted.

With Racket Club and Sartoria, we’re firmly cementing our place at the cultural core of racket sports. And this is just the beginning.

Get ready to embrace the court-inspired lifestyle as the collection hits stores and starting 16th February in 2024.


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